Rajasthan - The Land of Ranas & Maharanas, rich in culture, Luxurious hospitality, famous for ethnic and tribal jewellery, traditional textiles and handicrafts.

The City of Lakes – Udaipur also known as Venice of East. A Quote by a historian that the world is divided into two, the ones who have seen Udaipur and the ones who have not seen Udaipur. A Paradise on Earth, Udaipur, or Udyapoora in ancient texts, can be said “The Jewel in the Crown” of Rajasthan with its palaces, gardens and breath taking views of lakes and island palaces.

The city is also known for huge marbles deposits and extraction of large amount of silver. The city of lakes having a myraid facets in its bewildering range of Gems, Kundan and Zadau Jewellery, Diamonds, Traditional Silver Jewellery and Handicrafts, .

SILVER ART PALACE is based at Udaipur city also known for its lakes and palaces. The existence of SILVER ART PALACE is since 1975. We today offer a beautiful genuine collection of Indian Traditional Jewellery, Modern Jewellery and hand done Artifacts.

 SILVER ART PALACE has been blessed with exquisite collection of Gold and Silver Jewellery embedded with all Precious and Semi Precious Stones. We also offers excellent variety of 22 carat Pure Gold Jewellery and also with unique designs and gold enameled meena work studded with diamond Polki (Rose cut Diamond), the jewellery from the medieval Mughal era.

We at SILVER ART PALACE also offer a variety of Genuine Old and New Silver Jewellery and Art Objects. Our Collection consists of Tribal Jewellery like Necklaces, Earrings, Anklets, Rings, Belts, Tea Sets, Candle stands, Worshipping Idols, Frames, Jewellery Boxes and made to order artifacts.

SILVER ART PALACE also offers hand done exclusive Silver Furnitures, Animal Effects of the highest quality, using the best quality of Silver and Teak Wood. The extraordinary team of our skilled artisans can be seen in our produced artifacts.

Besides Silver and Gold we do artifacts in Bones Articles, Marble Objects with beautiful 24 Carat gold work, semi precious stone figures, beautiful hand painted wooden articles, brass articles, daggers and much more.

A selection of the unusual and the rare which you can shop with confidence, after all, SILVER ART PALACE has been recommended by 3 International Tour Guide Books, since its inception in 1975.

We have satisfactory clients with their kind designs, colours and dimensions in all material (silver, gold, marble & wood)

Each one of the Handmade Jewellery and Handicrafts shown in our online gallery is exhibited at our showroom in Udaipur. Our jewellery has always been inspiration & solace to the wearer and beholder.

The Organization is reputed for introducing the finest of old designs and modern styles that gives us the edge. We are dedicated and inspired to perform the excellence in our new designs and collection of Antique Silver, Gold Jewellery and Art Objects at best Prices.

The jewellery is integral part of Indians specially women. All the gems stones are said to be the bridge between Humanity and Solace and this (the use of gemstones) is now practiced in the entire world. Stones like Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond are the few ones known to play the lead role in one’s life. Gems stones are always essential part of jewellery.

We have ours buyers all over the world. As we certify all our jewellery and artifacts.

We are much willing to initiate business with all prestigious people and organization. We look forward to communicate with all kind of queries and business issues.

Silver Art Palace
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